Aculog Scaffold Safety Systems

Developed on the Refinery Chimney project in 1995 by Macsway designers and engineers, Aculog scaffold safety systems were originally a scaffolding inspection system for us. It is now the standard for scaffolding safety throughout New Zealand, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Aculog is an acronym for: Accurate Log, which is an accurate (correct, precise and exact) log (record of progress and performance).

Our definition of Aculog is: An accurate record of progress and performance.

Developed to make sure Macsway scaffolding was safe it is now a system for logging the safety inspections and performance of all scaffolding businesses in the countries previously listed. It has evolved into a system that improves safety standards through:

  • Improving the visibility, security and durability of scaffold safety status signs
  • Ensuring monitoring both at the work site and at the office
  • Maintaining the quality and integrity of scaffolds
  • Being user friendly and easily understood by the lay person
  • Being readily installed on any site large or small
  • Providing a cost effective solution to common problems in our industry

Inspection and logs, as well as a status card that is placed on every scaffold telling the user the status of that scaffold accomplish this. It records the details of the scaffold size, location, scaffolders and client. The labour section tracks the number of man-hours needed to assemble and take apart a scaffold. The blue card lists the tube and coupler, the green card lists the system scaffold and the yellow card lists the alloy mobile.

Most important is the Green Scaffold Safe Card, which lists the safe working load maximum on that scaffold, the maximum working on the scaffold and person or company who is requesting the scaffold. The purpose that the scaffold was originally built for and the job number or the code is recorded. Finally, the record will show the date and time of the last inspection and the comments for improvement along with the signature of the inspector.

With this status card anyone using that particular scaffold will know if it is safe and when it was last inspected.

Remember this is a system designed by the scaffolders here at Macsway for scaffolders everywhere.

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